A Great Weekend at Juergens

"Great time this weekend! Grand kids were thrilled to be out!

Our name was drawn for the winners of a bird feeder! What a wonderful weekend we had at the hardware store! Kids loved the bounce house and hotdogs, thanks!"

-Becky R.

I love going to Juergens Hardware in Huntington. They help me with projects or items no matter how big or small. Yesterday I went in looking for batteries for a Christmas church I had bought. They not only found the batteries but put them in the church for me. I have never been in the store and not been greeted or asked if I need help. Small town store with a big heart.

Carol E.

Dan (Juergens) went above and beyond to help me with a plumbing problem.  After my fifth visit to the store, he decided, since it was closing time, that he would follow me home and help me fix the pipe.  He seemed really concerned. and after a short time, we had the water to the house turned back on. 

Thank you so much!!


Dear Manager,

I want to let you know that I am very grateful for the friendly & helpful service I have received here - above and beyond the norm!  The store is very family friendly & I would definitely recommend this store.  I feel like I was drawn here through a prayer.  I am grateful.  Hope you receive every blessing!

Elaine A.

Barn Door

Barn Door

"I told you I'd send pics when my barn door installation was complete....After he figured out how to bulk it up enough to hold up one of my 90 lb antique french doors, he was VERY pleased at how easy it was to figure out and install.  He'd never even seen one before, so that's saying a lot.  Thought it would end up sticking out too far into my narrow, zig-zag hallway, but ended up fine.  Absolutely LOVE it and it was the perfect touch to my new laundry room!  It lets a lot of light into the hallway and we ALL ended up thinking I made the right  decision about leaving the trim.  In case someone is dealing with an older, challenging house like mine , show them the pics.  Thank you for sharing yours, they helped us a lot!!  Loved your store and the hometown atmosphere.  I'll be back!" -Elizabeth

Testimonial Firepit

Firepit & Patio

Here is a picture of the firepit & patio area my family worked on the summer of 2015. We used the compactor for the gravel & sand from Juegen's Hardware store. My nephew works for a landscaping company and he said it was the easiest one he's ever used and that he'll know where to rent one if he has any more side jobs. We also got several hand tools, shovels, rakes, grass seed and concrete mix for the project from your store. Thanks so much for the friendly service and wonderful products.


Cara Marshall

Long time customer

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